Balkans / tables / sketches / #5

The natural ending of all this time seated at the tables.

Balkans / tables / sketches / #4

Raccolta di me(le)

Balkans / tables / sketches / #3

Balkans / tables / sketches / #2

"Pivo finché vivo!"

Balkans / tables / sketches / #1

February, some time to spend,
an old VW with a friendly scar on the windscreen,
three good fellows on board,
places and friends to find again,
other places and other friends yet to be known,
experiences made to be lived, good tales for nights of wine.

A lot of time seated at the table,
drinking pivo, eating too much,
listening to conversations,
enjoying the drawing.


Window on the road

A Balkan trip / 6.2 4.3 2013
Chiasso Lagolo Trieste Ljubljana Zagreb Beograd Skopje Prilep Thessaloniki Edessa Igoumenitsa Brindisi Urupia Chiasso.